Cosmetic Dentistry – Olympia, WA

Say Hello to a More Confident Smile

A confident smile can make all the difference on a first date or job interview. But it’s hard to feel good about your grin when you’re too busy worrying about the various stains and chips on your teeth that have appeared over the years. After Dr. Chong has made sure that your smile is healthy, he can show you a few different ways you can improve its appearance so that you don’t have to feel shy about showing off your pearly whites. Get started on your dream smile by calling today.

Metal-Free Crowns

Metal crowns do their job of protecting the teeth just fine, but they can be an unwanted distraction whenever you smile. A metal-free zirconia crown, on the other hand, won’t stand out because it will be shaded to look just like the rest of your teeth, giving your grin a dazzling natural look. Most people can’t tell the difference between a normal tooth and one that’s covered by a metal-free crown, so many people may not even know that you’ve had dental work done.

Cosmetic Bonding

Small chips and cracks, discolored spots, and even misshapen teeth can all be corrected with one quick procedure called cosmetic bonding. We take a bit of composite resin and use it to reshape the tooth and hide the imperfections that have been bothering you. After blending in the material so that it matches the enamel, we harden it in place with a special curing light. In less than an hour, you can walk out with a brighter, unblemished grin.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

You can pick up a few products at the store that promise whiter teeth, but you’ll probably be disappointed with the results. Our Opalescence Go whitening kits contain a professional-grade gel that’s much more effective on all kinds of dental stains because it contains ingredients that are able to penetrate the enamel and directly remove the source of discoloration. After using the trays at home for the specified amount of time each day, you’ll see dazzling results in less than two weeks.