Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Olympia, WA

Ask Your Olympia Dentist

A big part of our mission here at Capital City Smiles is to educate our patients regarding their oral health, and to this end, we want to answer your questions! To get started, we’ve gone ahead and included our responses to some common ones below, but you’re always welcome to give us a call if you’d like more information on a variety of dental topics.

Are you currently accepting new patients?

Yes, Capital City Smiles is currently accepting new patients of all ages! Dr. Chong and our team can treat adults, children, and seniors in our downtown office, so whether you’re coming in for yourself or bringing the entire family, we’ll always have you covered.

How often should I go to the dentist?

The answer will depend on the specific needs of the patient, but in general, two visits a year should be considered the minimum. These allow us to give someone a professional cleaning and checkup so we can spot (and take care of) small problems before they can turn into major headaches down the road.

Which type of toothpaste should I be using?

There are so many varieties available today that it can be tough to choose! A good place to start is to look for a fluoridated toothpaste that has the American Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval. From there, whether you choose a whitening or sensitivity toothpaste, you should be in good shape. Be sure to find a flavor you’ll like! The only type to avoid is charcoal, as it is very abrasive and can wear away your enamel.

Is flossing really that important?

YES! It’s able to reach the spaces between your teeth that your brush cannot. When someone doesn’t floss, they leave about 40% of their teeth’s surfaces uncleaned. If you currently don’t floss, try doing so once a week, then twice, and work your way up to every day. Your mouth will be healthier, and your breath will be fresher, too!

Will you accept my dental insurance?

Capital City Smiles is able to work with many different dental insurance plans, so the answer is most likely “Yes.” To know exactly what will be covered at your next appointment, just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to go over your benefits with you.

I don’t have dental insurance. What is another way I can save on my care?

You can sign up for third-party financing right through our website. CareCredit and LendingClub are used by countless healthcare providers around the country, and they offer flexible, low-to-no interest payment plans that can be suited to every budget. To learn more and find a plan that works for you, visit our For Patients page.